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Check out our new SIDES tab for side item purchases!

WELCOME TO THE 811 Market Place

We're proud to offer this new option for friends and family to order their loved ones a meal that they will enjoy. 

Please be sure and visit the "Sides" tab for the option to purchase a side item only or to go along with a meal.




Before you shop

In order to purchase something you must first select someone from the facility.  Click below to search for your friend or family member.

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For those of your loved ones that only want a soft drink, we now offer the purchase of 1 or 2 soft drinks of their choice. 

Soft Drink

You can now purchase your loved one a soft drink without having to purchase the entire meal.  Give your loved on an ice cold soft drink for the summer. 

Banana Foster Cake

Purchase your loved one a piece of Banana Foster Cake today.  Show them how much you love them with a little slice of sweetness. 

Chocolate Overload Cake

Allow your loved one to enjoy this slice of moist chocolate cake.  Chocolate icing upon 3 layers of decadent chocolate cake separated by more chocolate whipped icing.  Nothing says love like chocolate…

Macaroni and Cheese

Place a side order of rich, creamy macaroni and cheese.  Either pair it up with a hot meal or simply allow your loved one to enjoy it by itself. 

Garlic Breadsticks

Purchase an order of 3 garlic breadsticks.  Either by themselves or to compliment as a side to our pizza. 

Chili Dog

Purchase your loved one a hot dog loaded with chili to go alongside their burger and fries or simply by itself. 

Onion Rings

Order your loved one a hot, crispy, beer battered pile of onion rings today!!

French Fries

Add a side order of crispy golden French Fries or simply order them by themselves. 

Breaded Shrimp

Breaded Shrimp