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WELCOME TO THE 811 Market Place

We're proud to offer this new option for friends and family to order their loved ones a meal that they will enjoy. 

Please be sure and visit the "Sides" tab for the option to purchase a side item only or to go along with a meal.




Before you shop

In order to purchase something you must first select someone from the facility.  Click below to search for your friend or family member.

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  • How do I place an order?
    • First visit the "inmate search" to find the ID number for the inmate you are sending the meal.
    • Next, select your menu option choice on the front page and hit "add to cart".
    • Enter the Inmate ID number for the recipient of the meal, and you can pay with any major credit or debit card.
  • When will my loved one receive the order in jail?
    • Orders are delivered between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.
  • Is there a limit on the number of meals I can order each day?
    • Yes, each inmate is allowed to receive two meals per day, in addition to the standard meals served inside the Norfolk City Jail.
    • Meals will be delivered at the same time.
  • Can an inmate order the food?
    • Inmates are not allowed to order hot meals from 811 Marketplace inside the Norfolk City Jail. Only friends and family members outside the jail can place orders online at
  • Are all menu items available every day?
    • No, the menu items are different for each day of the week.
  • Why is my credit card declining?
    • If you are using a prepaid credit card you may have to register that card to your address.
  • Why are some dates not available to order?
    • There could be a few reasons why.
      • The person may already have the maximum amount of items ordered for that day.
      • The person may be on restriction and that date is not available.
  • My order was not delivered, why?
    • There can be a few reasons why, please use the LiveChat link on the page, or email to open a support ticket.
      • Please provide the email address, customer number on your receipt, the persons name you were ordering for and the date you ordered for.
        • If possible send a copy of the receipt.
      • A common reason is that the person was placed on loss of commissary between the time the order was placed and the time it was to delivered.
        • If this occurs then the meal will be rescheduled for delivery at the next available delivery date for that particular meal item.
  • Refunds
    • Effective March 15th the cutoff for orders will be 6:00 am the day prior to delivery.
      • for example - to order Wednesday hot wings, all orders must be placed by 06:00 am Tuesday