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11/1/2018  - Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream is now available! Please check out our new delicious additions under the sides tab! Deliveries will begin starting 11/6. The Banana Chocolate Swirl cake will be sold until we are out of stock. At that point, any remaining orders for the Banana Chocolate Swirl will be refunded.


NOTICE: 811 Marketplace will be close on November 21-23rd in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday.


Send your loved one a taste of home, with our fresh, hot meals delivered daily. Each inmate is allowed two meals per day, and you can easily choose your selection below. You can also visit the "Sides" section to purchase single side items as they become available. 


Try one of our amazing desserts today!  Look for them under the Sides Tab!





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In order to purchase something you must first select someone from the facility.  Click below to search for your friend or family member.

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Conditions of Use

Refunds: All sales are final. No substitutions or cancellations are permitted by the purchaser or the inmate at any time for any reason. However, the Sheriff reserves the right to cancel any transaction, for any reason, at his sole discretion; a refund in full will be given if he exercises this right.


Limited exception to above policy for non-delivery: If a purchased item was not prepared or delivered because the inmate has been released from our custody, or the inmate has a medical restriction which disallows him from receiving the item, we will refund your purchase, less the $2 fee discussed below.


Delivery to Disciplined Inmates: If an inmate is unable to receive his or her 811 Marketplace delivery because of a disciplinary issue, he or she will receive the item once the disciplinary period is over. 


Limits: Each inmate is limited to 2 (two) meals per day.  Inmates may have their 811 Marketplace meals for a maximum of 3 (three) hours, for all remaining food and trash will be collected after the 3 (three) hours. 


Transaction fees: Each transaction will be assessed a non-refundable fee of $2 (two U.S. dollars).


Refusals:  If an inmate refuses a tray for any reason, a refund will not be given due to the product being prepared.